You can provide a night of safety for a man who has hit rock bottom. image

You can provide a night of safety for a man who has hit rock bottom.

Give a man that first night!

$81,260 raised

$85,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

You can provide a man with his first night of safety.

Your gift not only provides a man with a safe place to sleep, you'll also give a man a place to heal his body and spirit. You'll help return a son to his mother, a father to his child, and create a man who becomes a leader and provider in our community.

But it all starts with one night. It all starts with getting him off the streets and safe in Beacon House for one night, the first night. And you can do that!

Your gift this year will make sure that Beacon House is the last recovery center for our men, men who on the average have been to five centers, who typically start at the age of twelve drinking than move on to marijuana and finally heroin. Men whose average age is twenty six and have been homeless.

But you can save them! And it starts with the first night.

And we need your help like never before. Every day we get a call or a man shows up at our door needing a safe place to stay. A man who has hit rock bottom. A man without hope, a man who is scared, and man who has no place to go. And our resources are stretched, so that is why we need your help right now.

Please give like a man's life depends on it, because it does.

Thank you.