​Your generous gift will give my daughter the father she deserves. image

​Your generous gift will give my daughter the father she deserves.

You have the power to help Peter be a dad again.

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Help Give Peter his daughter a Holiday Season

Help Me Be A Father Again.

For the past 5 years, Christmas, and the holiday season in general has not been like I remembered growing up. As hard as it is to face, the same can be said for my daughter, because she lost me as a father to the disease of addiction.

Meth and heroin had completely taken control over my life, and I had literally walked away from everything important including my little girl.

As my carelessness and dependence on drugs increased, so did my debt and estrangement from friends and family. I spent almost 3 years living alone in a tent in Big Bear. Freezing at night and using by day, I had exhausted myself morally, and physically. Inevitably, health complications emerged, and I found myself in in the emergency room. I was underweight, had a severe rash that was spreading over my whole body and was experiencing breathing problems.

Something needed to change.

All I could think about was my daughter and what she may be thinking during the holidays. The phrase “Where’s Daddy?” kept repeating in my head and I couldn’t turn it off.

A nurse who was treating me had a friend whose son knew of Beacon House, and she suggested that the long-term approach to recovery would be something I needed given length of time I had been struggling with drugs and alcohol.

The fact was this: I had nobody to turn to, and nowhere to live. I called the Beacon House even though is seemed like the scariest decision ever. Since then, I have been given the food, shelter, as well as the peer to peer support I never had before. After my first few months, I found myself identifying with my new friends and actually helping them where I could!

Your gift of $49 will help see me through my recovery at the Beacon House. A man like me, who has spent years enveloped in his addiction, needs time to develop a foundation for sobriety. I know that a 30-day treatment center is not enough if I want to earnestly rebuild my life and become a father again.

You can help me stay at Beacon House and continue to get my body nourished and healthy, while being immersed in a social environment that can truly help recovering addicts like me from the inside. I will continue to receive the professional counseling I know that I need so I can fully understand the causes and conditions of my problem.

The Beacon House does not ask a man to pay. They give a man the time he needs regardless of his insurance or ability to pay.
I was shocked the first time I heard this!

Your gift of 49$ has more power than you can imagine. You will not only be helping me or my journey of recovery, but you will also be giving a daughter her father back. So, this holiday season, we ask you to give as much as you can. You have the power to be a shining example of what one caring person can do to change the lives of so many like me.

Beacon House Resident