I need your help

Your gift will help me return to my wife and kids (read more below)

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Your gift will help me return to my wife and kids (read more below)

Your special gift will get me home

My story will show you why your gift is so powerful. And so, needed.

By 2011, I had been deployed 3 times to Afghanistan. An enemy rocket blast sent shrapnel through my chest and I was shot in the ensuing firefight. When I returned to the states and was medically discharged, I was anxious. Tense. The physical and emotional pain did not go away.

Loaded with 10,000 mg of oxycodone pain killers a day and anti-depressives I became an addict. Short term VA programs and counseling did not work.

I was heartbroken to have become a threat to my wife and my children.

The guilt of having survived in Afghanistan consumed me, and the military didn’t provide options for real therapy. I couldn’t turn off the demons in my head – the visions of my friends dying, the chaos after that first blast, and the echo of the surrounding gunfire. I suffered from continual night terrors, anxiety, and a shifting mindset.

In 2012, I turned to alcohol – and over the next 8 years I spiraled into alcoholism and addiction. I now was clearly a danger to my family and friends.

Finally, I was referred to Beacon House. In the middle of this pandemic and still strained financially, Beacon House accepted me with open arms. (I’m sure this is thanks at least in part to your previous generosity).

Here I am and I need your help. Beacon House needs your help. 90 other men, with stories like mine – true, heart wrenching stories you already know, need your help.

Each night you provide for me keeps me safe – safe from myself, safe harming others, and one night closer to returning to my wife and kids.

Your gift does all that!

Brian tells me that the cost for one night here – and all the care that’s provided – is $46. Just $46 gets me one night closer to my family.

So, I’m hoping you will send in a gift and give me that night. Or maybe 3 nights and even possibly more. You can make a huge difference for me, my kids, and my wife. You can help each man rebuild his life.

I know it’s a lot to ask of you, especially now. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t so badly needed.

When the Coronavirus hit, Beacon House had to shut down all of our money-making enterprises and quarantine our campus.

Every day we struggle with the revenue that was lost and not turning men away. Because you believe in giving men like me a second chance, you are our only hope to bridge this fiscal gap.

I receive counseling every day from dedicated staff. Our kitchen crew somehow keeps finding ways to provide healthy meals. And our Thrift Shop has reopened. You can see we have not rolled over and given up! You, who have supported men like me through the years have taught us not to quit, to find solutions, and to not be afraid to ask for help when needed.

But now, when help is needed to make ends meet, I come to you. My brothers and I here at Beacon House need your help.

Please will you help by sending a special gift?

Beacon House Resident